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We are pleased to introduce our NIGHTLIGHT Series of LED Collars and Leashes as well as our STARLIGHT Series of Reflective Collars, Leashes and Harnesses.

NIGHTLIGHT Collars & Leashes incorporate the latest LED technology making your pet highly visible and safe during the evening hours, whether out on a walk or romping in the backyard. Developed with a high capacity USB rechargeable battery you’ll get 14+ walks out of a single charge.* Designed to resist rainy days and tromping through puddles and why not, it’s a dog life.

STARLIGHT Collars, Leashes & Harnesses are manufactured using 5 rows of highly reflective stitching making them a safe and effective way to combat the dark of night. Our STARLIGHT series is made of super strong nylon webbing and is cushioned on the collar back and leash handle for their comfort and yours.
*Based on 30 min. walks. Usage time may vary.