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Safety Leashes for Dogs

A safety leash from 4 Paws Tech will not only make your dog safer, it helps ensure your safety as well on your nighttime walks by providing increased visibility. 4 Paws Tech LED dog leashes and reflective dog leashes come in several colors to match our line of safety collars with fully compatible hardware. They look great by day, and they’re made to withstand the elements. We use only the highest quality materials and construction and offer a satisfaction guarantee backed by three levels of quality control testing.

We’re committed to providing the best experience for you and your dog, so we’ve ensured that walking with our leashes is as comfortable as possible. Our handles are engineered for a reliable, pleasant grip with padding around the inside. You’ll love the way our nylon light-up dog leashes look and feel, and especially the peace of mind they offer as you enjoy time with your pet.